HD Equipment Rental Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in providing cinematographic equipment rental services in the fields of film production (Movie, Web Drama, Drama, Sitcom, MV, Advertising Film) including: : Cinema camera, Cinema lens, Light equipment (Lights & lighting aids), Sound recording field, Aircraft, Studio Mini... In addition, Hd Equipment also supporting customers with production support services for advertising films, corporate films.... With fully invested and fully invested filmmaking equipment, to provide customers with a full service package (Equipment equipment) machinery, lighting equipment, sound equipment, engineering, vehicles,...) together with a team of professional staff with more than 10 years of experience, we are confident to bring the best services along with the best services. great experience for customers.

Hd Equipment Rental House

Hd Equipment Rental House

Hd Equipment Rental House

Hd Equipment Rental House

Film Equipment Rental House:

  1. Cinema Package Rental
  2. Camera equipment rental
  3. Lens equipment rental
  4. Lighting equipment
  5. Cranes, Dollies & Grip
  6. Audio equipment rental
  7. Switcher livestream
  8. Flycam rental
  9. Transportation
  10. Studio & Orthers Rental

The Projects: Moive Cinema & Web Drama

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