Price camera equipment rental

Price camera equipment rental
Quotation for rental of cinema camera equipment list:
  1. Digital cinema camera
  2. Video camera
  3. Dslr camera rental
  4. Mirrorless camera
  5. Ronin, gimbal
  6. Monitor rental
  7. Wireless Video
  8. Tripod, Head rental
  9. Follow Focus
  10. Neutral density filters
  11. Mattebox Rental
  12. Camera Accessories
The rental price for 1 day is calculated from 24 hours since the customer rents the equipment.
Special offers and discounts for patrons and tenants from 2 days or more (see details below) Long-term tenants (from 7 days or more) please contact directly for the best price We accept half-day camera rental (rental time is calculated from 7am - 13pm or from 1pm - 7pm) except Saturdays & Sundays and public holidays.