Price cine light equipment rental

Price list of professional Cinema lighting equipment

Quotation for rental of Lighting & Grip equipment list:

  1. Daylight HMI | M-series
  2. Led soft panel light
  3. Aputure led light
  4. NanLite led light
  5. Tungsten | Spotlight
  6. Special light
  7. Generator Rental
  8. Panther, dolly rental
  9. Cranes, boom rental
  10. Frames, Flags, Silk
  11. Others grip rental
The rental price for 1 day is calculated from 24 hours since the customer rents the equipment.
Special offers and discounts for patrons and tenants from 2 days or more (see details below) Long-term tenants (from 7 days or more) please contact directly for the best price We accept half-day camera rental (rental time is calculated from 7am - 13pm or from 1pm - 7pm) except Saturdays & Sundays and public holidays.